3D Modeling Design

Here at Nerva Art we can create almost anything you desire.

All of our artists have great experience with the software used. We can create many special effects such as Water, Fire, Smoke, Volumetric Lighting, Laser Beams, Electricity, Gaseous Bodies, and most other effects. We also can create scenes with organic characters or beings with the up-most realism using techniques such as box/smooth modeling and patch modeling.

We have experience in creating scenes with such themes as space, under water, realism, surrealism, people, aliens, animals, and anything else you can dream of. All of our scenes have a unique touch to them, that you will find nowhere else. Here at Nerva Art we have a line of design that cannot be met.

All of our 3D modeling is done exclusively in the 3D Studio Max software package. We are currently working in version release 3.1. The choice is simple for using 3D Studio Max over other 3D packages due to it's flexibility of uses. It's compatibility with the Windows98/2000/NT operating system is unmatched. It has infinite capabilities due to it's unique plugin system. It features a animation system that is one of the most powerful in existence. The rendering system can create both surrealistic and photo realistic results, and it is compatible with almost every other software package including packages that are not for the Windows operating system.

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